How to Implement Business Process Improvement

By admin Oct 7, 2023

Whether you’re trying to run your business more efficiently, reduce waste or increase the customer experience, there’s always an opportunity to improve. To achieve the desired result process improvements require the proper structure and model. Here are a few of the main approaches that have proven effective for business process improvement:

The first step is to clearly identify the process you’d like to improve. This can be accomplished using the use of a flowchart, swimlane diagram, BPMN map, or value stream map, based on the specifics of your company’s processes. Recognizing each step in the process is crucial to understand what needs to be changed and how the new procedure will work. After the changes are completed it is essential to communicate them to all employees that are required to follow the new procedure. This will ensure that there is a consensus and reduce the risk of shadow processes or unplanned workarounds which can arise when a new procedure becomes difficult to implement.

Once the “as-is” procedure is outlined the next step is to create a list of possible improvements. This can be done via brainstorming sessions or using software tools that allow for collaborative improvements. Once you’ve compiled your list of improvements, identify the ones with the biggest impact and begin implementation. This should be carried out on an initial scale to avoid any issues prior to making it available to the entire business.

Once the improvements are implemented, you’ll need to monitor their effectiveness and evaluate their reach. This will help ensure that you’re getting the highest return on investment from your business. Continuous improvement can also help your company stand out from the competition. Amazon for instance, has a competitive advantage because of its constant efforts to streamline the supply chain and deliver packages faster.

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